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Chakra Check-up

16 GBP
Chakra Check-up
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Chakra Check-up

16 GBP
This is a beautifully handcrafted Chakra bracelet designed with the utmost detail and of course with love! 
There are Seven types of  A grade Semi-precious stones, chosen for there healing and spiritual properties and vibrancy. When all seven of our Energy wheels (Chakras) are open, it is said that we are in the most balanced state. Each of our Chakras are represented by a colour and corresponding Semi-precious stones. 
  • Crown Chakra - Amethyst for Serenity & Spiritual connection
  • Third Eye - Florite for Intuition
  • Throat - Sodalite for Speaking lovingly and openly
  • Heart - Aventurine for Everlasting Love & Purity
  • Solar Plexus - Moonstone for Assertion & Willpower
  • Sacral - Carnelian for Sensuality & Creativity
  • Root - Garnet for Patience & Strength
To finish off this meaningful piece, the Angel winged Heart charm symbolises Protection & Compassion 

Size of Beads

Semi-precious beads 8mm
Silver plated Angel Wings Heart charm 10mm wide